120% Tax Rebate On Websites

The Australian Government has announced a Small Business Technology Investment Boost. This means small businesses that invest in digital technologies including website design are eligible for a tax rebate of 120% (up to $100K).
Tax Rebate

Is your business website looking a little outdated? Or maybe you've never had a website at all?

The Australian Government has announced that as of 29 March 2022 until June 30, 2023 businesses can get a 120% tax rebate on their website!

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Tuesday, the 29th of March 2022,

"From tonight, every hundred dollars these small businesses spend on digital technologies like cloud computing, e-Invoicing, cybersecurity and web design will see them get a $120 tax deduction,"

Who Can Benefit From the Small Business Technology Investment Boost?

Any small business with a turnover of less than $50 million are eligible. This means, that for every $100 you spend on the digital transformation of your business (such as a new website), you can claim a $120 deduction up to $100K.

So not only will you get a new, modern website that looks great and represents your business well, but you'll also save money on taxes.

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